Review: Jeff Stonehouse - 'On Returning'

Review: Jeff Stonehouse – ‘On Returning’

Jeff Stonehouse has been experimenting with sound on and off since the mid eighties, originally with tape loops and shortwave radio, and by the nineties had moved into psych/drone guitar music. This then led to an ambient/trance/dub phase, releasing music on the Magick Eye label as Spiralhead. Jeff then took about 10 years to clear his head, and focus on a more personal way of using sound as a defense against itself.
In 2010 Jeff became one half of the ambient/drone project called Listening Mirror, along with Kate Tustain.
Jeff then explored different sonic landscapes. Traveling with him was Alicia Merz, who also releases amazing intimate and heartbreaking music as ‘birds of passage‘.

Jeff Stonehouse now just signed to the exciting Swedish Label Sublunar Society to release his latest album ‘On Returning’ and we got a preview for review. The Album is due out on all major services the 9th of October 2015.


Exclusive Special Preview only here on D3bris Online Magazine:
Listen: Waves On Plastic By Jeff Stonehouse





The Album Jeff has put together is an instrumental ambient album when it is at it´s best. Great atmosphere but with a great vibe and never boring if that makes any sense. It draws you in from the first track and keep you in it´s grip all the way through the 6 tracks.

And don´t let the few amount of tracks fool you, the tracks range from 8 to 17 minutes each!

Best Track in our ears: Waves On Plastic

Verdict 8.5 (of 10)

Tracklist ‘On Returning’:

  1. River Of Dreams
  2. Waves On Plastic
  3. You Find Me
  4. Blue Flowers
  5. I´m Here Waiting
  6. Hush Now