Kamryn Marie´s new EP called “Under Control” (EP) is a release in the category of light hearted pop with a strong 80s vibe.
She is an American pop singer and songwriter originally from Washington, DC.

The EP opens with the track Somebody With A Broken Heart together with NIGHTBREAKERS.
It is a super catchy track with dancy beats and great singing.
The other tracks have a more indie feel but in all the best ways and brings to mind bands like Soft Lit, LASER and MOOD ROBOT.
Goodbye For Now is a mellow, slow kind of indie track with fantastic ambiance and feeling.

We were not familiar with Kamryn Marie but she truly has her own very specific sound and a very good singing voice.
The weakest track might be the last one in our opinion but overall it is a very strong EP and in the POP genre where so many new artists come out every month she is showing great promise and high quality no doubt.

RATING 7.5/10


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