Kenny K. Low – When Love Remembers (Ballad Covers From The 1970s-2010s).

Kenny K. Low is Malaysian-born, US-raised, and currently residing in Singapore.
He has currently released 3 singles and a album, all with covers of famous classic songs from the era between 1970-2010.
The album feature a body of 11 Cover songs.
It opens with “Hello” the well known song by Lionel Richie.
The first thing that hits you is the general production which is top notch. The arrangements and instrumentals are besting any other modern production of today. And then we have the singing….
Kenny has a fantastic voice and great control, he truly gives these covers justice without wailing or getting out of control trying to impress.
It is simply a very good singing and feels suddenly like a needed revamp of these songs.
Something that I didn’t know I needed until I heard it kind of a deal.

Moving through the records different choices of songs to cover there are some unexpected nice surprises too:
The level of quality is consistent through the record and you find yourself having a hard time to stop listening.
Why has no one done this before? We needed new fresh versions of these songs!
But maybe it is because not everyone could engineer all too easily to level of crafted quality songs.
The tracks are mainly Ballad songs but creates a great vibe and a nice piece to put on in the background Friday evening.

If you are into the rich classic ballads from between 1970-2010 this is the album for you.
We are looking forward to what he will come up with next!
10/10 in this category!





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