Review: Luna Rise - Dark Days & Bright Nights


Review: Luna Rise – Dark Days & Bright Nights

Luna Rise is a Rock band from Austria that just released their new album: Dark Days & Bright Nights.
They are a classical Rock band that brings back the music from how it sounded in the 90´s. Old school classic, melodic Rock with some Goth elements.

It is great enjoyment to hear real and skilled musicians trying to revive this old straight forward rock style back.
In some parts we get a slight IAMX vibe which, of course, is a good thing which we think they should evolve further on.

The Album ‘Dark Days & Bright Nights‘ is a 12 track strong album with a good constant quality of songs with equally skilled musicians. If you are into the 90´s Rock scene you will enjoy Luna Rise for sure.

They also have covered the Ultravox Classic ‘Dancing With Tears In My Eyes‘, which gives them extra plus and credit in our opinion because it works perfect as a rock cover.

Our Rating: 8/10 Goth eye liners

Best Track: Valentina & Dancing With Tears In My Eyes


LUNA RISE, a Melodic-Rock band from Enns in Upper Austria, which is the oldest city of Austria by the way, are skillfully moving at the boundaries between heavy and emotional musical moments and catchy but mighty melodies. Their sound strikes one in a hell-for-leather manner while simultaneously revealing influences ranging from Hardrock to Progressive Metal, incorporating traces of mysterious Doom and Gothic Rock.

As evidences of their professionality, virtuosity and creativity serve their acclaimed EP entitled “Smoking kills but love can break a heart” as well as the well-produced musicvideo of the single “Dead Alley”, which in 2012 entered rotation at GOTV, Austrias #1 music channel. Not enough, the band had further TV appearances including a “Hosted by”, interviews as well as live-performances.

Ever since, LUNA RISE continue to spread their melodious tunes all over Austria looking at a very promising future. Their unmatched charm and boundless energy earned them reputation as “Austria’s modern but melancholic equivalent of an 80s Bon Jovi”.


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