Review New Single From Herb Barclay 'Breathe'

Herb Barclay is a DJ from Germany that just released the Single ‘Breathe’.
It has got a heave mass line and a great melody to it along with good vocals from the female singer.
With today’s DJ´s you are never sure what you are going to get, but Herb deliver some real classic sounds and dancy beats that are the exact tasty rhythms you would want on the dance floor or in your car with rolled downed windows heading down the beach.
This DJ is one of a few new cool DJ´s we will be keeping an eye on for sure!

Will this be the summer hit this summer?
Let´s see.

Herb Barclay is for sure one to look out for and we are waiting with great expectations for his next tracks!

Listen to his track below and as always remember to support the artists you like by liking, following and listening to them.
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The artist (born in Germany) worked early on his musical intention, which has accompanied him constantly.

In addition to acoustic instruments (piano, drums and synthesizer) already in the early stages, he discovered the world of electronic music and music productions in pop, trance and house and experimented with synthesizers and electronic instruments.

In addition to unpublished productions, he began his public musical career as Dj Lazzard and expanded his passion quickly to numerous national ghost productions. This was followed by club bookings and residents in Germany, Austria and bookings in Europe.

His greatest passion has always been primarily producing and experimenting with music. In DJ bookings he used samplers as well as electronic instruments and integrated samples and files in his vinyl sets and play his own produced Tracks.

The artist started with initial studio instruments at the early beginnings. Later on, he began to use advanced studio equipment and software in order to produce highly recommended bootleg, mixes and tracks under his ghost-producer synonyms for other Di’s.

In 2018 he decided to expand his production and founded the label Herb Barclay Music and produced the EP „Point One“, from which his new debut single „Breathe“ was now released.

Herb Barclay and other artists produce under his label with pop-, dance-, electronic and acoustic elements in her music.

Herb Barclays passion is to convey joy, happiness, hope and feelings with his music.