See One Of Elysian Fields Rare Videos, Just Released 'Higher Power'

See One Of Elysian Fields Rare Videos, Just Released ‘Higher Power’

Elysian Fields hasn’t released a load of videos even though they have been around since approx 1995!
They still remain one of our favorite bands to this day and we love the latest album!
See their new video for  ‘Higher Power’ below….


Directed by Lance Scott Walker
Shot in Ontario, Canada

From the album Ghosts of No (Vicious Circle/Ojet — April 29, 2016)

US :
EU :

Tour dates:

10-09-2016 The Owl Music Parlor – Brooklyn, NY
10-13-2016 Le Guingois – Montluçon, France
10-14-2016 Usine à Gaz – Nyon, Switzerland
10-15-2016 Les Abattoirs – Bourgoin-Jallieu, France
10-16-2016 Akwaba – Avignon, France
10-17-2016 Black Out – Montpellier, France
10-18-2016 La Chapelle – Figeac, France
10-21-2016 Ebullition – Bulle, Switzerland
10-22-2016 Sas – Delemont, Switzerland
10-23-2016 La Crypte – Lagorce, France
10-25-2016 Le Poste à Galène – Marseille, France
10-26-2016 La Ferronnerie – Pau, France
10-27-2016 Le Rocher De Palmer – Bourdeaux, France
10-28-2016 Château Rouge – Miramont-de-Guyenne, France
10-29-2016 Le VIP – Saint-Nazaire, France
11-02-2016 TBA – Paris, France

Elysian Fields is an American band based in Brooklyn, New York, founded in 1995 by the co-composers Jennifer Charles (vocals, instruments) and Oren Bloedow(guitar). Their music has sometimes been described as “noir rock”, due to its sultry, dark and mysterious inflections, be it sonically or lyrically. The band uses mainly acoustic instruments, predominantly guitar, piano, bass and drums, with the occasional appearance of eastern instruments, classical strings, and subtle electronics, the focal point being the voice of Charles in the forefront.

Based in New York City, Elysian Fields have found underground success in the United States but are more popular in Europe. The author of The Dark Stuff, Nick Kent, says of their music, “Maybe we have their out-of-the-mainstreamness to thank for a sound that is still unique — as sensual as a sleepwalker’s wet dream.” Since its formation, the band has won quite a devoted cult following, largely by word of mouth.Besides its well received albums, the band is also noted for its strong live performances. The rest of the band has included many of New York’s strongest players: all the members ofJeff Buckley‘s band, members of Medeski Martin and Wood, Ed Pastorini, Ben Perowsky, James Genus, Thomas Bartlett, Jamie Saft and members of Ollabellehave all played in Elysian Fields at various times