See Winona Ryder Confirm Beetlejuice 2

See Winona Ryder Confirm Beetlejuice 2


Go ahead, make OUR millennium. Beetlejuice fans — we’ve got good news for you! Winona Ryder is the latest original Beetlejuice castmember to confirm that the 1988 campy supernatural comedy will be getting a sequel! During a HuffPost Live appearance at Sundance to promote her new biopic about psychologist Stanley Milgram, Experimenter, with Peter Sarsgaard, the actress all but confirmed the much-anticipated reboot.

“I first heard about it a few years ago when I was in Toronto doing press for The Iceman,” said Ryder, 43. “The guy interviewing me was like… ‘Beetlejuice 2!’ and I was like ‘What?’”

Then an up-and-coming young star, Ryder starred as teenager Lydia Deetz in the original film, in which her family inhabits the house of a deceased couple (Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin) still haunting the residence, who, with the help of a unruly ghost Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton), are attempting to scare away the Deetzes.

Both Keaton and director Tim Burton have expressed their interest in a second movie, and in Dec. 2014, Burton told IGN the sequel was “closer than ever.”

 “As far as I know, it’s going to happen,” Ryder told HuffPost Live host Ricky Camilleri.

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