Special Feature: ERIKA ZOI


Todays music scene if flooded with pop songs and new bands. But sometimes it is good to remember that the classical scene is flourishing as well with talented musicians.
One of these major one´s is Italy’s Erika Zoi.
As a pianist virtuoso she studied under the Maestro Fausto di Cesare and also Maestro Bruno Rigacci.

From the early ’90s she also ventured into music technology, working with major music and notation software.
Produces 360 ° music from composition, arrangement and orchestration to the last stage of audio production.

The thematic touch of her music of for example the track ‘Cammini’ reminds of original sound track or some of Kate Bush later materials. (See video below)
ZOI´s music repertoire  spans from classical to contemporary and pop in an ever changing and fascinating way. This is a Italian artist to look out for in the future!

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Erika Zoi was born in Rome in 1976. Under the guidance of M° Fausto Di Cesare, she began her musical studies still very young at the “St. Cecilia” Conservatory of Rome.
She brilliantly graduated in piano, with M° B. Brandani; subsequently, she complemented those studies by adding Composition and Direction of Orchestra, alongside M° Alberto Meoli and M° Bruno Rigacci.
In 1992 she started her concert career: performing as solist, but also working in different chamber groups. Still in activity, she carried to completion numerous concerts as interpreter, author and conductor.
Successively, she taken part in many courses and Master Classes, including:
“Baroque Repertoire on Piano” at the Arts Academy in Rome;
“Audio Techniques and Hard Disk Recording” at the Cultural Association “Fonopoli”, supported by the Ministry of Education and by the European Union;
“Course for the Opera’s Direction” at the Music Academy Pisana, with M° G. Mazzoli;
“Advanced Course for the Opera’s Direction” effected from the Music Academy Pisana, with M° B. Rigacci;
“Audio and Multimedia” at the Music Conservatory “E. R. Duni” in Matera, where she obtained a scholarship for the original music “Matermilonga”;
Master Class “Music and Audiovisual” supported by Association “FormArte”, at the “Arrigo Pedrollo” Conservatory in Vicenza; she received an Honorable Mention for the original
music from the committee chaired by M° M. De Sica;
Specific course “Tutor of the Renewed System Education-Formation” supported by A.N.C.E.I., European Union, Ministry of Labour and Region Lazio;