The St. Vincent Hype Train

The St. Vincent Hype Train

We cant keep our mouths shut any more. Someone needs to speak out about the truth about now.

Ok, listen. We were the biggest Fans of Anne Clark of St. Vincent since she started her solo career.
Her first albums Actor and Strange Mercy was simply great and she was maybe even an under rated artist at the time.
These 2 Videos showed her HUMBLE awesomeness…


And then… she followed up with an Epic album with Legend David Byrne of Talking Heads (Love This Giant, 2012).

But then something happened. She finally got acknowledged and invited by many artists to do guest spots live and on albums.
Creddy artists like Swans, Nirvana and countless others it seems like. There is no end to the hype around her at the moment.
People love to love her now.

She just released the over rated album, self titled “St. Vincent”.
It is good all right but it does NOT come close to her previous albums to be honest. We all know this.

And now, when she finally gets invited to all this live shows and TV late nights to perform.
We are seeing a PRETENTIOUS self absorbed woman.
This Letterman show performance feels too (again) PRETENTIOUS and with too much POSING.
Yes, if you are an artist like David Byrne and you have something original. OK. But sadly this does not feel very original. Rather very much…well embarrassing.
We still love her though. She is the most talented and beautiful woman out there. She don’t need this posing crap. Just play and be awesome. Please.

(Missing from this video is when she walks in. Which is just ridiculous and over played in our taste any way. You can watch the whole thing here...This Entrance is actually what was started this article. Just watch the first 5 minutes. Seriously!? What IS she doing? It´s  not arty. It´s not cute. Sigh…Maybe the fame bloated her head?)

Anne THIS is NOT You>

The St. Vincent Hype Train





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