Stateless trailer by Dirty Beaches

Stateless trailer by Dirty Beaches

Great News!
Dirty Beaches are soon to release a new album! We are looking forward to the next sounds of Alex Zhang Hungtai!

Here´s the Trailer for his upcoming release Stateless:

STATELESS trailer by Dirty Beaches from Alex Zhang Hungtai on Vimeo.

Upcoming instrumental album excerpt STATELESS by Dirty Beaches.
COMING SOON FALL 2014 via Zoo Music Records.
Video shot by Alex Zhang Hungtai


Alex Zhang Hungtai (born September 4, 1980, Taipei), known by his stage name Dirty Beaches, is a Taiwanese-born Canadian musician based in Montreal, Quebec.

Dirty Beaches released a number of EPs and instrumental-focused albums on cassette-only labels, before releasing the full-length Badlands in March 2011.[1] Badlands was subsequently nominated as a long listed nominee for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize.

Dirty Beaches has also released singles including “True Blue”/”Sweet 17,” “Lord Knows Best” and “Lone Runner,” as well as videos, many of them directed by Zhang himself. Zhang has also recorded several original film soundtracks, such as for the documentary Water Park, by Evan Prosofsky.