The New Flash/Arrow Footage Shows Crazy Gorilla Action!

The New Flash/Arrow Footage Shows Crazy Gorilla Action!

It’s fair to say that the shared superhero universe on The CW has been a big success. Launching The Flash from within Arrow has lead to big ratings, and now the same team are working on another spin-off show and a possibly-connected Supergirl show for CBS.

Soon, though, we’ll be into the murky mists of the hiatus months, as both Arrow and The Flash are gearing up for their current seasons’ final few episodes as we speak.

New promos for both shows have given us clues of what’s to come before then. For The Flash, Comic Book Resources obtained these exclusive Gorilla Grodd-teasing stills…[via Den of Geek]


A currently untitled spin-off of Arrow and The Flash is in development to air during during the 2015-2016 midseason.[1] It’s described as a “superhero team-up show”.[2] According to John Wesley Shipp and David Ramsey,[3] the show will be titled Legends and will run for 13 episodes.[4] Blake Neely will serve as composer for the series, as he previously has for Arrow and The Flash.[5]


Confirmed characters


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