This months Kickstarter: GARDEN LANE - Swedish Indie Drama

This months Kickstarter: GARDEN LANE – Swedish Indie Drama


About this project

When editing our video we decided to leave it a bit raw because it shows how passionate we are about Garden Lane! It’s a personal story that we have worked so hard in making come true, and now we are almost there! Kickstarter is the last push before we start making the movie for real!

Garden Lane is about as indie as you’re gonna get. Three friends who left their careers in the film industry to start their own small production company and invest every last penny into a feature film.

So why are we so hung up on Garden Lane? First: It tells a story that needs to be told. It’s about drug abuse but seen from the children’s point of view, and they are always the ones who get stuck in the middle. This is their story! And second: Because it’s going to be awesome! When you see it, it will make you cry but it’s also going to make you smile and when you leave the cinema, turn off your TV or close your computer, you will be a richer person for having seen it!

We firmly believe that this movie will change the world! It is about those impossible choices that people surrounded by drug abuse must face. It is about fathers who choose a needle over their own child. It is about mothers who sell their bodies to afford heroine. In making this film we believe we are doing a small part in helping children who have grown up, are growing up or will grow up in a family where there is substance abuse.

We aim at being screened at some of the major international film festivals but you can already buy this film digitally by pledging a 100kr or more. In the end we will release the film on the Internet making it available for everyone to see!


Garden Lane is a film about recreating ones childhood, identity and self-image. It’s a story of abuse and the need for love, intimacy and attachment. It’s about finding glimmers of light in the darkness.

Peter and Linda’s relationship is an impossible love story between two people at the bottom. Their self-image destroyed by drug abuse. They discover a way to become whole: Through each other.

They struggle to bond with their children Elin and Eric – but it is easy to look away when you have never been seen.

Eric and Elin meet as adults and discover that they remember completely different childhoods. Elin remembers the happy moments while Eric’s memories are characterized by abuse. Whose memories are real and whose are fabricated? Is there ever an objective reality or do we ourselves create the world we live in?


When it comes to financing we have put every last penny into this Movie. We are not making it to get rich, we are making it because we love film and because we have a story that must be told. We have worked with the financing for a long time and have secured a big part of it – BUT WE ARE NOT THERE YET.

Without your help, Garden Lane cannot be made. It’s as simple as that. That’s why we are inviting you to be a part of making this movie! If we receive enough pledges and support from you, it will be the last piece of a puzzle we have worked on for a long time. With you on board, this movie will become a reality!

Olof Spaak, Sofie Palage, Gunnar A.K Järvstad (Photo: Særún Norén)
Olof Spaak, Sofie Palage, Gunnar A.K Järvstad (Photo: Særún Norén)


We are Sofie Palage, Olof Spaak, and Gunnar A.K Järvstad. We met while working on the Wallander series in Ystad 2008 and formed our company Primodrom Produktion AB in 2011 with the purpose of making great movies.

Sofie Palage (Producer) has studied Film at Lunds University and is a graduate Film Producer from the Producer Education at Forum Ystad. She has produced films with support from the Swedish Film Institute, Film i Skåne, Swedish public service television, and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Sofie likes going out with friends and has a somewhat strange love for advanced Excel spreadsheets.

Olof Spaak (Director) has studied film at Stockholm University and directing at Fridhems Fhsk. He has extensive experience from the production side as 1st AD, production manager and line producer on some of Sweden’s biggest productions. He has recently directed the short Beginning of the End. Olof loves animals and lives on a farm in the countryside.

Gunnar A.K Järvstad (Screenwriter) has written and directed the short Tune for Two which has over 15 million views online and has been screened at numerous festivals and television channels. His thematic sequel Best Man has just started an extensive festival journey. Gunnar has studied Film at Lund University and is a graduate Producer at Forum Ystad. Gunnar is an enthusiastic climber and is followed everywhere by his dog Laika.

Together we have worked on over 100 features and we are proud of having done everything from floor running and making coffee on set to producing and directing. We are definitely ready to make our first feature!

The Associate Producer

We are super happy that Jörgen Carlqvist is on board with us to make Garden Lane! Jörgen manages the companies Karl Katt AB and Alleycat AB and has been a part of the Swedish film industry for a very long time. He has done just about everything you can do when it comes to working with film and it thrills us that he is now putting his efforts into Garden Lane!

We need your help – Here is what you can do

We at Primodrom are deeply involved with the film and we would like you to be involved as well! Through this Kickstarter project, you can support us in the financing of Garden Lane. All the pledges will bring us closer to our goal and we will be thankful if you support our project. But your involvement does not need to stop here. The more people that are aware of Garden Lane, the better the chances this movie will see the light of day. We invite you to share this project on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and also to talk about it to your friends and family!

Send us your stories!

If you would like to share stories of your own about addiction or family problems we want to hear them! E-mail them to We really want to hear your story to bring as many complex emotions and ideas to life in the film.

If you have any questions at all about the project or rewards, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to answer your questions at or on our Facebook

Risks and challenges

We have a meticulous budget for this project and if we reach our Kickstarter goal the movie will get made and the rewards delivered.

Making a film is of course a huge endeavour. We are completely confident that the film will be made but cannot rule out that delays may occur due to the unexpected happening. We have a solid ground to stand on with a near-finished script and fantastic people working with the project so we are confident in being able to deliver a fantastic film.

Challenges we will face are finding the right locations for the shoot and finding production offices and living quarters for the cast and crew.

Another challenge is the casting process, which will start right after the campaign.

Other challenges include finding the right composer, editor and colourist and other post-production personnel who will help us make the best movie possible.