ThrowBackThursday: Celebrity Awkward Photos From the 80s And 90s

ThrowBackThursday: Celebrity Awkward Photos From the 80s And 90s

Week is almost over and it´s time to have some fun and take a look in the chamber of celebrity secrets. We have dig up some hilarious pictures of some well known people from the 80s and 90s (the era when people had no taste in fashion).
Leonardo DiCaprio

“Hello, This is Potato…” Well Leonardo, things have improved from this or? Still the same?


ThrowBackThursday: Celebrity Awkward Photos From the 80s And 90s

“Madam, Can I offer you Banana? I got three, at least…”


Jennifer Lopez


So. A bit a da Nipple showing here ey. Daring…and is she sweating heavily or just had a bath?


Ryan Gosling


The man with style. We have no words. Or wait, yes we do. One word. Tapestry.


David Duchovny


“Hey man. You are doing this weird serie X-Files or whatever right? Put on these, like spandex pant in silver. And how about you sit on a silverball and touch the wall backwards stretching, like reeeal uncomfortable…”


Sandra Bullock


Hey Sandra, you are so pretty, how about we put on some ugly ass pants on you?




Plenty to choose from when it comes to Madonna but how about this…


Salma Hayek


Que? What, why and …no point. It was the 90s…


Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani 1997

GWEN! C´mon! You are our top 3 (or something) BABE! WTH! Who cut your hair? A drunk Lepricon?!


Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Too easy. How about some Justin with Spaghetti on top?


Sarah Jessica Parker AKA HorseFace


Bad positioning of…stuff and ..yeah…awkward…


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