Tricky´s upcoming album 'Adrian Thaws'

Tricky´s upcoming album ‘Adrian Thaws’

Have you heard about Tricky´s new album ‘Adrian Thaws’?
We love Tricky and can´t wait for it.

It´s announced to be released the 8th of September.
We had a listen and are much excited about what will come!

Following the creation of his own False Idols imprint and last year’s album of the same name, Tricky returns in the fall of 2014 with a new studio project that shares the name he was given at birth: Adrian Thaws. “Calling it Adrian Thaws is saying you don’t really know me,” says Tricky of his 11th album. “So many times people have tried to put a finger on me and every album I go to a different place.”

Tricky´s upcoming album 'Adrian Thaws'

Recorded in Tricky’s home studio in London, Adrian Thaws is a musically adventurous project and collaborators on the album include Francesca Belmonte, Nneka, Mykki Blanco, Bella Gotti, Tirzah, Blue Daisy and Oh Land.

An advance single, “Nicotine Love” (featuring Francesca Belmonte) can be streamed below. The track is also available for immediate download with pre-orders of the album on Amazon!



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