TV adaptation of Mark Wahlberg thriller Shooter on the way

Remember the semi-good movie Shooter with Markie Mark? Sooo they are making a TV adaption of, SIGH.
Out of ideas ey? We say it again. Do a HP Lovecraft TV serie based on the awesome Role playing Game(Call Of Cthulu)! We would watch that for sure! Wouldnt you?!


Paramount TV continues to mine the company’s feature library,
partnering with talent from the movies to adapt them as TV series. The company has teamed with Shooter star Mark Wahlberg for a drama series based on the 2007 conspiracy thriller, which has been set up at TNT. John Hlavin(Underworld: AwakeningThe Shield) will write the action project, now in development, and will executive produce with Wahlberg and his frequent collaborator Stephen Levinson.


Bob Lee Swagger(hehe..SWAGger LOL) (Mark Wahlberg), a former Marine Corps sniper who leaves the military after a mission goes bad. After he is reluctantly pressed back into service, Swagger is double-crossed again. With two bullets in him and the subject of a nationwide manhunt, Swagger begins his revenge, which will take down the most powerful people in the country.