Vin Diesel Reveals NEW RIDDICK Sequel AND A Riddick TV Show!

Vin Diesel Reveals NEW RIDDICK Sequel AND A Riddick TV Show!


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“You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?” – In an Instagram post late yesterday, Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel announced his plans for a Riddick universe television series and if that wasn’t enough, he also revealed he’s developing a fourth Riddick film. Come check it out!

Vin Diesel‘s upcoming slate already has a xXx sequel, another Fast & Furious sequel, and aGuardians Of The Galaxy sequel on it, but it looks like that wasn’t enough for the fan-favorite star.

In an Instagram post from yesterday, Diesel celebrated the launch of One Race Films‘ television division by announcing a TV series, titled Merc City, which will follow the mercenaries and bounty hunters of the Riddick universe. He didn’t share much more, but it’s certainly an interesting concept for a series. As an added bonus, he revealed a fourthChronicles Of Riddick film, titled Furia, is currently in development with David Twohy set to begin work on the script in December. No further details were shared, but judging by the title, there’s a relatively good chance the story takes Riddick back to his home planet.

Check out his post below: