Watch this great short documentary of Killing Joke drummer Big Paul Ferguson

Watch this great short documentary of Killing Joke drummer Big Paul Ferguson

“Sex WAX n Rock n Roll” is an upcoming autobiography by former DJ, Mont Sherar who was instrumental in the creation of two legendary anti-mainstream dance-clubs during the 80s era in Miami and Miami Beach, Florida, namely Fire & Ice and The Kitchen Club. Of particular note was Miami Beach’s “Kitchen Club” which played a key role in paving the way for the tourist mecca of Miami Beach we know of today. But what made the original Kitchen Club (1988-89) most unusual was the fact that the music format (played by Mont), despite being strictly non-mainstream, drew huge crowds – and it had a giant, art-deco hotel attached – all right on the sandy beach – and run by punk kids! Only in the 80s would this kind of venue have been possible – or even allowed (financially speaking). Some great bands played there, and many showed up for no other reason than to just visit and party.

Although this is only part of a life story, Killing Joke is a thread throughout the book and of special note, the drummer and cofounder of the band, Big Paul Ferguson.

Therefore, to provide a sort of “visual sample” of what lies within, Mont has created the short film, “Chapter Big Paul Ferguson.” This film serves not only as a tribute to the band as a whole, but with rarely seen focus on what many consider one of history’s greatest drummers.

• Never before seen live footage from Killing Joke from 1989 at both Kitchen Club and Cameo Theater, Miami Beach
• Unreleased original music from Big Paul Ferguson, “Wounded Pride”
• Live footage from recent Killing Joke including a dynamic version of “Pssyche”
• Performance by Mark Gemini Thwaite

• Comments from:
Peter Murphy – Bauhaus
Martin Atkins – Public Image Ltd./Killing Joke/Ministry
Martin “Youth” Glover – Killing Joke
Hugo Burnham – Gang of Four
John Ashton – Psychedelic Furs/Satellite Paradiso
Jason Bowld – Killing Joke fill-in/Axewound/Pitchshifter
Mark Gemini Thwaite – Peter Murphy/The Mission/Mob Research
Dave Barbarossa – Adam & The Ants/Bow Wow Wow/Cauldronated
John Robb – Louder Than War/Membranes
Carl Marsh – Shriekback
Mont Sherar – DJ, Fire & Ice/The Kitchen Club

and of course, Big Paul Ferguson himself!

::::::: Graphic animations courtesy of: Mike Coles / Malicious Damage