Watch The New Neill Blomkamp Directed Sci-Fi movie Rakka For Free Here!

Watch The New Neill Blomkamp Directed Sci-Fi movie Rakka For Free Here! Feat. Sigourney Weaver!

RAKKA is the story of broken humanity following the invasion of a technologically superior alien species. Bleak harrowing and unrelenting, the humans we meet must find enough courage to go on fighting.


Chapter 1: World

The Earth will be attacked by technologically far superior and highly aggressive reptilian aliens in the near future. Humanity is nearing extinction. Millions have already died or have been enslaved. The extraterrestrials transform the earth in favor of its living conditions. They burn down forests, destroy cities and build huge megastructures that change the atmosphere and make the air less and less breathable for people, especially when approaching them. The structures also warm up the earth’s climate, causing the port cities to be flooded.

The story begins in 2020, from the point of view of a Texas unit, militia officers representing the remains of the US Army. The last surviving people live mostly in underground hiding places and houses ruins, and have just as much provisions, weapons and ammunition to resist. The resistance fighters use conventional projectiles, wheel armor cars, pick-up cars and technicals . They do not set aside explosives and are not afraid of suicide. On the other hand, all the high-tech extraterrestrials are based on a kind of oily-black nano- liquid, which can transform and solidify into tools, weapons, structures and spaceships. They also have telekinesis and telepathic powers. With the latter, they can influence and control animals and humans.

In order to counteract this, the resistors invented Brain Barriers (Brainlocks), which, however, can only be manufactured in very small quantities by hand. The reptilians know that humans do not follow production, and that the destruction of mankind is only a matter of time. The extraterrestrials have made the politicians their idle servants by means of brain implants and try to lure people voluntarily into concentration camps (“conservatories”) in order to break the last resistance. They also make experiments on people, of whom only the very least survive, or even escape.

Chapter 2: Amir & Nosh

Nosh is a technically savvy pyromaniac and bomb maker who lives as a hermit on a scrap yard. He is despised by the resistance fighters for his inclinations and demands, but they need the brain barrier hoods, which he builds and operate with him necessarily by barter.

The resistance fighters have in their custody Amir, who escaped from the aliens. The aliens experimented on Amir. They implanted cybernetics into Amir’s head and shoulders. Amid opposition from her lieutenants, the resistance leader, Jasper, releases Amir from her custody into the care of a resistance fighter named Sarah. Sarah, having lost her daughter to the the alien’s experiments, attaches to Amir. She looks after him, giving him food and drink while trying to persuade Amir to help the resistance fight the extraterrestrials using the precognitive powers he acquired as a result of the aliens’ experiments.

Chapter 3: Siege

Amir has recovered physically and mentally. He sees – thanks to his implants – in a future vision a wounded extraterrestrial on the run. Sarah asks him to help them, as the victim-ready militia will openly attack the extraterrestrials. If he helped them, the militia officers would not have to die and the terrible experiments he had to suffer from, and the genocide would finally stop. The more she talks to him, the more his eyes change and he sees the future vision of the impending attack more clearly. Amir, still dumb, foresaw that the militia succeeds in shooting an extraterrestrial space hunter and injuring the pilot. Sarah asks him if they will be able to learn how to hunt the reptilians and teach them how to fear. He still does not answer her and still sees that the wounded extraterrestrial hurls one of the militia officers against a wall by means of telekinesis, thereby dropping his brain barrier, telepathically fighting him for himself. But this is after his own comrades after several times warning was shot after he wounded a comrade. Sarah tells Amir that he now has the powers the aliens have and that he is to use them for humanity. Finally, he sees how the militia succeeds in shooting the extraterrestrials, whereupon the commander orders Jasper to cut off his head. Sarah urges the still dumb amir to use his abilities now, they have no other alternative.


  • Sigourney Weaver as Jasper
  • Eugene Khumbanyiwa as Amir
  • Robert Hobbs as Carl
  • Carly Pope as Sarah
  • Brandon Auret as Nosh
  • Mike Huff as Policeman
  • Owen McCrae as Klum
  • Connor Page as Child
  • Jay Anstey as A suicide bomber
  • Justin Shaw as Man in medical device
  • Carla Marais as eight-year-old girl
  • Ryan Angilley as Martinez
  • Alec Gillis as Militia officer 1
  • Ruan Coetzee as Militia officer 2
  • Paul Davies as Militia officer 3
  • Pieter Jacobz as Militia officer 4