Did you watch Syfy Ascension yet?

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Ascension is a Canadian/American television miniseries on Syfy. It is an original science fiction mystery drama that takes place in an alternate present aboard a generation ship, and will consist of six one-hour episodes. The show is created by Philip Levens and Adrian A. Cruz. The pilot was written, and executive produced by Philip Levens, who serves as the showrunner.

Syfy had originally announced plans to debut the show on November 24, 2014, airing one episode per week for six weeks. However, the series premiered on December 15, 2014, and will air two episodes each night for three consecutive nights


Ascension is inspired by the real-life Project Orion that existed under the administration of President John F. Kennedy. The show sets up an alternate version of reality in which, in 1963, President Kennedy and the U.S. government, fearing the Cold War will become hot and lead to the destruction of the Earth, decided to launch a covert space mission. They sent 350 voluntary men, women and children into space on a century-long voyage aboard the USS Ascension, a massive, self-sustaining generation ship. Their mission is to colonize Proxima Centauri, assuring the survival of the human race. Nearly 50 years into the journey (i.e. in thepresent), as they approach the point of no return, the mysterious murder of a young woman — the first homicide since their departure — causes the ship’s crew to question the true nature of their mission