Watch the new Luke Hemsworth Sci-Fi Movie Trailer 'Infini '

Watch the new Luke Hemsworth Sci-Fi Movie Trailer ‘Infini

An elite ‘search and rescue’ team transport onto an off-world mining-facility to rescue Whit Carmichael, the lone survivor of a biological outbreak.

INFINI is released direct-to-digital from 8th May 2015.
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User Review of the movie from IMDB:

A compartmentalized world, anguish coming from humans.

21 April 2015 | by kytetiger (Belgium)

Infinity (2015)

A team of soldiers is sent to the “Infini” colony, after it has been the victim of a mysterious catastrophe.

The starting pitch is highly classic: a team is involved in the rescue of survivors, but look, seems like there was a hidden agenda (eg think of Doom). What is interesting here is that the threat comes mainly from humans, madness that infects and makes them act under the impulse of instinct, seeking to kill, to be the sole survivor, as plagued by a wild struggle. However, the final is kind of meh. I found it a bit easy, no twist or surprising revelation and not specifically exploring some left aspects and questions, this leaves thus the door open for potential sequels

The director Shane Abbess therefore explores the evil that strikes the protagonists, taken by schizophrenia. Evil can arise from the heart of each and it is through a series of rapid and delirious montage, accompanied by discontinued voice, dialogues and pictures, we see the characters sink, even our brave Carmichael must fight against his murderous impulses.

To do this, the actors do not hesitate to push their character, changing attitudes, leaving the door open to delirium or conflict. Although they are kind of stereotyped and are note very sensitive enough to create sets or compassion, everyone is different enough to avoid duplicate characters.

I found dared to base the majority of the film on the pitch, but it works. The risk comes from the madness each individual. By cons, many scenes seem stretched or are repeated, the film might gain with a few cuts here and there.

The tension is weld held, with frequent twists, but the director also knows how to build it through sustained montage, fast and dense, seeking discomfort in disagreements and oral arguments. Music is also stressful, strong and well directed.

The decorations are simple, recycling the same corridor from different angles, but the use of contrast and traces of blood, giving a feeling of dirt everywhere, help to give a personality to the station.

A compartmentalized world, anguish coming from humans.