Watch The New Video From Mapei 'Million Ways to Live'

Watch The New Video From Mapei ‘Million Ways to Live’

Mapei’s new song Million Ways to Live, featured on the TV series Reality Road.
Watch Reality Road:

The TV series Reality Road is based on the production of this music video during a nine day road trip through Europe – starring Mapei, video director Liza Minou Morberg and truck driver Jens Karlsson.


Jacqueline Mapei Cummings (born December 20, 1983), known by her stage name Mapei, is a Swedish-Americanrecording artist best known for her single “Don’t Wait,” which was released via Downtown Records in 2013. Her debut EP, The Cocoa Butter Diaries, was released in 2009 also via Downtown Records. Her debut album, Hey Hey, was released September 23, 2014.

Mapei was born in Providence, Rhode Island, where she lived until approximately age ten. She began splitting her time between America and Sweden after her Liberian mother and Swedish stepfather moved to Stockholm, living in Stockholm during the school year and returning to America for the summers. She moved to Brooklyn at age eighteen, working as a bartender in a Swedish restaurant in New York’s Chinatown neighborhood. She stayed for three years, taking in the local scene and even living with Lykke Li for a period before deciding to return to Sweden and immerse herself in Stockholm’s underground rap scene