We LOVE 'Hey Elbow'

We LOVE ‘Hey Elbow’

Our new favourite discovery is a band called Hey Elbow, from Sweden (why are we not surprised?).
Talented and amazing like a mix between I Break Horses, Best Coast and Echo Lake? (And maybe a little bit of Múm too)…
Well maybe not the best comparison, but hey!(elbow..) it does sound great!
Check out the live video below or their whole new (Debut) Album called ‘Every Other‘,
You can listen to it on Spotify for free or  buy it here.

We wish them the best, cause they deserve it! Great stuff!

We LOVE 'Hey Elbow'

“Martin” is the second track to be let loose from Hey Elbows upcoming future debut album. First track was called Blanca.

Hey Elbow consists of Julia Ringdahl, vocals and guitar, Ellen Petersson, horns and electronics, and drummer Liam Amner. With a background in jazz and an ear for distortion they create weird pop music with a big sound. Hey Elbow’s track “Martin” starts off with massive thunderous drums, around which an angular building of synths, edgy guitars, hiss and percussion gradually rises. The beautiful and minimalistic singing repeats one line eight times, and small effective variations in the melody lets the listener know that no more words are needed. The rest of the singing is wordless, and the cacophony calls it a day the second its mission is done.