Who is the Champion of Music Streaming so far? (Spotify Vs. Tidal Battle)

Who is the Champion of Music Streaming so far? (Spotify Vs. Tidal Battle)

The rapper Jay Z’s launch of music service Tidal has created strong opinions and discussions regardarding music rights and costs. But who really has the greatest support online – Spotify or Tidal?

To specify how the talking really has gone, it has digital analysis and strategy firm Whispr Group, on behalf of Breakit, compiled data from social media and digital channels during and after the launch of the new music service. The analysis includes forums, news sites, blogs and social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Now we can reveal what actually won online ! [article translated from Breakit]


In the first round, which measures the reactions purely generelllt, judged Spotify stand victorious. That there was a real boom when Tidal launched its service with a bang clear – but otherwise it is consistently more talking about Spotify than if the Tidal.

Overall, 4.5 million messages posted which are related to Spotify on platforms like blogs, forums and social media. The corresponding figure for Tidal 1.5 million – more than half of the posts had a negative connotation.

The corresponding figure for negative responses is only 19 percent for Spotify.

As late as last week so went Jay-Z to attack competitors on a live-streamed Tidal concert. The attempt led to more conversations about Spotify, rather than around the Tidal.

Sorry, Jay Z.


The hashtag war stands Tidal however, that big winner. Tidal launched its social campaign on March 30 with the hashtag “#TIDALforALL” – and it was quickly spread. The news of Jay Z’s new investment was intercepted by both news sites and on social Medes and #TIDALforALL “was then used in 45 percent of the posts – which is significantly more than the hashtag” #Spotify “during the same period.

Second most common hashtag was’ #S_C “, which stands for Jay Z’s initials Sean Carter.



When it comes to celebrity-backing is Tidal arguably the strongest player. During the first four days published over 509 000 items of Tidal globally and artists like Jay Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Calvin Harris, Rihanna and Alicia Keys backed brand in posts, profile pictures and hashtags.

Global influencers who however been negative towards the Tidal has included Perez Hilton, Lily Allen, Rainn Wilson, Chad Johnson and Shad Moss. These, however, has far fewer followers and supporters online than those who cheer for Tidal.



The voices cheered for Tidal has mainly been positive for their exclusive materials, they can offer Taylor Swift’s music (you know that it is great when you get a category of its own) and high quality sound.

Artists have more money in the form of improved royalty-conditions have, however, been both positive and negative for Tidal. Many have joked ironic about Tidal, in that it is hardly possible any distress in tidals founder and co-owner.

The arguments against Tidal has also been the price is too high, the supply is förlitet, the service avsaknar of originality and the app requires too much data.

All in all: Spotify went victorious from the duel.


According to the analysis, conversations about Tidal primarily taken place on Twitter and the majority of the conversations have taken place in the United States. Spotify is judged to have better distribution between more social channels: 14.4 percent of the talking about Spotify has taken place on Facebook, while the corresponding figure for Tidal only 2.3 percent.

But, to reconnect to the first round, so it is utklassning here. 4.6 million posts about Spotify weigh more than 1.5 million posts about Tidal.

So who won then?
Tidal has quickly succeed in creating visibility and large amounts conversations online – more than most people can master with such a short time. But the reactions have been mixed to say the least and Spotify retains its advantage and win.