Zero Sucks Given

Terry Gilliam has already won cult status from his Monthy Python animations, the Epic movies Time Bandits, Brazil, Army of the 12 monkeys and many more which all had elements of new cool futuristic ideas and design.

So….with high expectations, what did we think?

(No Spoilers ahead!)
Well, we seen them(the crappy futuristic designs) all ready and here they come again. On repeat. This time they feel old and dated though. There is plenty of political and philosophical ideas and criticism(same ones as in all his other movies). But nothing new at all.

It started ok but the whole design felt very, well …re-used.
Cristoph Waltz is a great actor which feels a bit wasted on this to be honest.
He plays a frustrated person who is empty, hypocondric and has a ton of anguish. Great fun (or not).
It starts interesting(for about 10 minutes) but then just dies off and we wonder why we spent all this time watching this rubbish…

Some questions arise:
Was this meant to be a play?
Did the movie company read the script or did they just rely on Gilliams previous successes that they did not believe in at the time?
It makes us wish that they gave all that production money to one of all those young talented movie makers with something real to say.

This movie is everything it should not be and probably what Gilliam hates himself; A Bunch Of Pretentious Crap.

Prepare to be bored! 

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